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About Us

SWAN is filled with love, care, dignity, kindness and blessings. SWAN is a place to call Home. We have a team of committed care assistants to take care of the inmates and are funded by State Government for the maintenance and to take complete care of the elders at the age of 60 years and more. We are now offering our beloved and caring services in a rental building accommodating about 60 members including old people, orphans and mentally disturbed people.

SWAN has been provided with 2 acres of land as donation from Mr. Thomas, Veeravanallur to make your living even more comfortable, we look forward to build a perfect place for residing as soon as possible. We were also donated 4 cent of land from Mr. Raja Rathinam, which is now running as gent’s hostel. We instill immense love and care in our services. The food and shelter that we provide our people is afforded by the funds provided by kind hearted people and Government aids. We are now running with a bit less facilities, but it is certain that we will equip ourselves with modern enriched infrastructure to meet all your needs.

Take a leap and get ready to live the best years of your life at SWAN.